Welcome to Bulldog Gym Equipment.

Bulldog Gym Equipment has a vision is to be the industry leader in premium quality Gym Equipment. To supply and service this industry with unmatched product and a level of service delivery not generally seen our industry .Our Gym Equipment is locally manufactured.

Testimony to Bulldog, our Crowning Achievement to date, The Sports Science Institute Of South Africa in Newlands In Cape Town has Our Bulldog Weights in there Training centre .They have given us the most amazing feedback and are ordering more Bulldog gym equipment  to add to their training centre. We know we have achieved what we have set out to do and we will Bring Out The Bull In You.

The ingenuity and time that has gone into the design of our Bulldog Gym Equipment has been intense .Bulldog gym equipment want a product that inspires and motivates and looks amazing, we have achieved this .Bulldog Gym Equipment want a product that gets its users to push themselves, to push themselves to limits they never believed possible.

Bulldog Gym Equipment with its Unique inspirational and motivational laser cut branding and NO NONSENSE slogan, when you handle the most unique weights in the industry, OUR Bulldog Gym Equipment ,WILL MOST DEFINITELY Bring out the Bull in You.

Our Weights have been finished in a Silver Electroplating and have the branding and Inspirational slogan in black laser cut into the weight heads where there is nothing else like it .

Shortly Bulldog Gym Equipment will have Plates, Benches, Press Racks, Loose Weight Bars and much more and believe and are confident that these promise to be the most Unique in the industry. They will be even more impressive and unique than our weights.


Bulldog Gym Equipment are currently supplying premium quality dumbells ,barbells and racks ,and as mentioned above with more products on the way.

  • Dumbells
  • Barbells
  • Dumbell Racks
  • Barbell Racks
  • Bulldog Plates 5/10/15/20/25kg plates for standard
  • Bulldog Training Bench(available end of October 2020)

What Sets Bulldog Gym equipment Apart From the Rest

Supplying a quality product that is unique, well priced ,and inspiring ,with an unmatched service delivery from beginning to end ,that is our goal. Our Bulldog Gym equipment is manufactured locally ,however bulldog gym equipment must compete on an international level , we will  strive to achieve our end goal.

Distributed nationally and internationally, currently we ship from Johannesburg South Africa , we will have stock in Cape Town South Africa by the end of September 2020,which for now will be our dumbells, barbells and racks.

  • With our Black Bulldog Logo and Slogan Laser cut into the weights, a labour intensive process ,our bulldog gym products are one of a kind, and the inspiration just gets bigger and better as the weights get heavier.
  • Bulldog weights are Silver Electroplated ,they can be exposed to the harshest climatic conditions ,our silver Electroplating means longevity.
  • Our weight construction is unique and ingenious, no welding or braising ,we machine the weight head to take a threaded handle ,using a lock tight bonding agent ,the two are screwed and fixed into place.
  • Aesthetically our weights have a seamless construction, which with this ingenious construction method ,attaching the handle to the weight head we have more than tripled the break strength of what a welded type construction.

Why is Bulldog Gym Equipment Unique

Bulldog Gym Equipment will not only BRING OUT THE BULL IN YOU it will bring that WOW FACTOR to any training space, our products are without doubt something special. Personal trainers all over the country and EVEN The Sports Science Institute of South Africa using our products, with the very best pricing on an apples for apples for comparison, there is nothing like our BULLDOG Gym Products, BULLDOG SHOULD BE YOU FIRST AN ONLY CHOICE.

Silver Electroplated Dumbells


Silver Electroplated Barbells


Dumbell Racks


Barbell Racks